Civic Boot Camp

What is Civic Boot Camp?Civic Boot Camp

Civic Boot Camp is a unique neighborhood experience! A chance to grow your professional network! A training on how to make a difference! And more!

Attend Civic Boot Camp and in one day you'll uncover the regions's rich history, connect with leaders and learn how to get involved with the issues that matter to you!

Civic Boot Camp was developed by Seattle CityClub in 2013 to educate, engage and empower Puget Sound residents to make a positive difference in their workplaces, neighborhoods and communities.

Civic Boot Camp is a unique day-long immersion for a cohort of 25-30 participants offering direct experience, knowledge of community history and current affairs, access to leaders and skill-building on how to make a difference as a citizen leader.

Cost: $300 | Questions? Contact Jeff Carter or call 206.682.7395.