Civic Health Index

Greater Seattle’s civic health is excellent.

In collaboration with the National Conference on Citizenship, Seattle CityClub publishes a Civic Health Index. The 2010 report was the first time that civic health was measured for the Greater Seattle area. The index documented voting, volunteerism, philanthropy, political voice, group membership and neighborliness in our region compared to national standards.

The 2014 Civic Health Index report compares the region’s civic health with that of the nation and other cities across America. It shows what makes King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties so vital and offers recommendations to boost your engagement and the civic health of our region. The findings are encouraging, but we still have work to do.

Below are links to both reports and the executive summaries. If your company or organization would like a Civic Health Index presentation, please contact Bridget Anderson at 206.682.7395 or

2014 Civic Health Index | PDF (7MB)

Civic Health Index: Executive Summary

2010 Civic Health Index