Why I support the Coalition

WA State Debate Coalition

"I think a consortium is how you can put on the best quality debate... I think the (Washington State Debate Coalition) is a smart way to go and kudos to the news organizations for agreeing to do this."
– Chuck Todd, Moderator of “Meet the Press”; NBC News’ Political Director; Host of MSNBC’s MTP Daily

“I enthusiastically endorse the creation of the Washington State Debate Coalition. The decisions of Washington’s voters profoundly affect the quality of our communities. It’s imperative that we hear directly from those who seek to serve in the highest elective offices in Washington State.”
– Christine Gregoire, Former Washington State Governor

“I was on a statewide ballot on eight occasions. Of those, there were debates for four or five…That is not good for our citizens.”
– Slade Gorton, Former U.S. Senator

“I am very pleased to see the launch of the Washington State Debate Coalition. If there ever was a time that our citizens needed civilized debate... It is now.”
– Ralph Munro, Former Washington Secretary of State

“So much of our political and governing process occurs beyond the view of the average voter.  Debates are one of the few opportunities for voters to hear directly from candidates about their vision and why they should be elected. The Washington State Debate Coalition’s commitment to ensuring that quality public debates occur regularly is a noble cause that I’m proud to endorse.”
– Sam Reed, Former Washington Secretary of State

“Giving the voters the opportunity to see and hear our candidates debate the issues is the essence of democracy.  This creation of the Washington State Debate Coalition fills this vital need.  It has my enthusiastic support."
– Bill Ruckelshaus, Former Deputy Attorney General of the U.S. Department of Justice

"Central Washington University is pleased to be a part of the important work of organizing civil, informed, political debate. The need has never been greater for civic engagement that brings Washington together. As a public institution, Central Washington University has a responsibility to help inform public policy decisions and to create a transparent and civil process for the election of the leaders of our state."
– Dan Dixon, Trustee, Central Washington University

“Access to leaders and citizen empowerment are core to Seattle CityClub’s mission and purpose. Founding the Washington State Debate Coalition is an exciting new chapter in our history as a nonpartisan convener.”
– Diane Douglas, Seattle CityClub Executive Director

“Through this effort we can create the forums and the exchange of ideas people deserve. At the UW we know our students are hungry for expressions of passion and policy that great debate forums can make possible.”
– Randy Hodgins, Vice President of External Affairs, University of Washington

"Washington State University is proud to leverage its long history of public education and engagement in support of the Washington State Debate Coalition. By creating opportunities for civilized, informed debate, this coalition is helping to strengthen the bonds between voters and the democratic process. The hallmark of a fair and just society is a public with a voice in its decision-making."
– Colleen Kerr, Vice President for External Affairs And Government Relations, Washington State University

“As an institution deeply committed to empowering leaders to be active, engaged citizens, Seattle University welcomes and applauds Seattle CityClub and all those involved in the Debate Coalition. Shaping our democracy for the better and creating positive change begins when ballots are cast. Having an informed electorate depends upon having ample opportunity to hear directly from those seeking office and how they differ with one another on the issues and in terms of leadership and philosophy.”
– Scott McClellan, Vice President for Communications, Seattle University

"The Tri-Cities is a rapidly growing and evolving community that will play a role in shaping Washington's future. It's great that the Washington State Debate Coalition, in recognition of that, has selected us to host this debate. The Herald is proud to partner with them, the chamber and CBC to make that happen."
– Gregg McConnell, Tri-City Herald publisher

“Gonzaga University is honored to partner with our regional higher education colleagues to host a 2016 gubernatorial or senatorial debate as part of the inaugural Washington State Debate Coalition. As a Catholic, Jesuit university, our educational mission is, in part, to foster an environment where students and our community can experience a wide range of ideas, seek truth that promotes justice and actively participate in the betterment of our society. Hosting a non-partisan debate of future leaders of our region and country contributes to the fulfillment of this mission.”
– Thayne McCulloh, Gonzaga University president

“Seattle University’s Jesuit education places a high value on civic engagement and a robust exchange of ideas, and we welcome the opportunity to partner with organizations in our city and region who value the same. It is a particular honor to host a debate as we celebrate our 125th year of empowering leaders for a just and humane world.”
– Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J., Seattle University president

“The Bellingham and Whatcom County communities are as engaged in the political and governing processes in our state as any community in Washington. Proud to be members of Washington State Debate Coalition, the Bellingham City Club and Western Washington University are eager to host debates for the citizens of our region.”
– Steve Swan, Vice President for University Relations & Community Development, Western Washington University; Dan Raas, Vice President, Bellingham City Club