WA State Debate Coalition

WA State Debate Coalition

Bringing power back to voters

We know that a healthy democracy and a strong community depend on active, informed and interested citizens. This is why we have established the Washington State Debate Coalition. The Coalition will host free, nonpartisan, publicly accessible debates for Governor and U.S. Senator in Fall 2016.

While debates between candidates are valuable opportunities for the public to hear directly from candidates and ask questions of them, unfortunately, in our region, they are increasingly infrequent and inconsistent in quality with little or no public participation. Instead, the bulk of information available to voters about candidates for our most important federal and state offices comes through highly partisan sources or advertising by the candidates and third parties. Opportunities to see, hear, challenge and talk to candidates is extremely limited.

We believe Washingtonians deserve better.

“Access to leaders and citizen empowerment are core to Seattle CityClub’s mission and purpose. Founding the Washington State Debate Coalition is an exciting new chapter in our history as a nonpartisan convener.”
– Diane Douglas, Seattle CityClub