Why should you attend?

Civic Boot Camp will:

Waterfront Civic Boot Camp

  • Empower you to be a more valuable employee, better neighbor, more knowledgeable voter, a more effective volunteer, a more informed philanthropist and stronger community leader.
  • Give you the opportunity to connect with community members across professional, cultural and political spectrums. 
  • Give you the knowledge to better understand the issues are facing our community.
  • Connect you to the decision makers and community leaders who are shaping our community.
  • Provide you with ideas, resources and pathways to help you affect change and become more deeply engaged in your community. 

Our alums tell us that after attending Civic Boot Camp:

  • 100% Think differently about local issues
  • 94% Feel more connected to their community
  • 69% Volunteer more
  • 69% Advocate for more causes
  • 62% Donate more