This is our community.

Seattle CityClub provides a space to talk about the issues that impact our lives. Dialogue that is passionately nonpartisan. Connections to leaders and local government. Tools and inspiration to make a difference. We engage 47,000 Washingtonians with each other and their communities through programs that bridge politics, professions and generations.

Why we do what we do

Our mission is to inform, connect and engage the public to strengthen the civic health of our region. It’s our vision that, along with natural wonder, innovative business and vibrant culture, the Puget Sound region is defined by informed citizens engaged with their leaders in effective democracy.

We stand for

Passionate Non-Partisanship

Opportunities to evaluate diverse perspectives on issues vital to our region

Leader Access and Accountability

Active exchange among citizens, leaders, experts and policymakers to facilitate citizen influence and leader accountability

Diverse People and Ideas

Civic dialogue that reflects the community’s diversity of political ideology, race, professional and cultural background, generation and class

Respectful Civic Discourse

Open, respectful space that cultivates fair, authentic and lively debate

Convening, Collaboration, Connection

Bridges that connect people and ideas to address critical regional issues

Engaged Citizens

Advocacy and monitoring of citizen engagement

To read our current report on civic health, click here.

To read our current strategic plan, click here.

Seattle CityClub’s History

In 1980, eight women got together to form CityClub in Seattle. At the time, many civic organizations, such as Rotary International, were open to men only. The founders of CityClub determined that their new organization would be open to all and would provide a nonpartisan forum for ideas and debate. Since its first programin 1981, CityClub has sponsored thousands of dialogues, discussions and candidate forums featuring local, regional and national experts and leaders.

Now recognized as one of the region's thought leaders in civic and public affairs, CityClub programs affect statewide news, social networks, civic action and policymaking. The region tests new ideas and finds common ground through CityClub’s power and reach as a trusted convener, programmer and collaborator.

Thanks to our Founders:

  • Anne V. Farrell
  • Barbara M. Hodgson
  • Suzanne F. Lile (now Hunter)
  • Nancy S. Nordhoff
  • Jean B. Rolfe
  • Marilyn B. Ward
  • Kate B. Webster
  • Colleen S. Willoughby

To read more about CityClub history, visit History Link.