Our region has vibrant civic institutions, active voters, innovative social entrepreneurs and a strong culture of volunteerism and philanthropy. But like physical health, civic health requires vigorous and consistent exercise.

One year after releasing the Greater Seattle Civic Health Index report, we circled back to show how civic health improvement can and is being accomplished at our Annual Meeting: Collective Impact! 

Take a look at our Annual Report on Civic Health for an update on the Civic Health Index.

Greater Seattle's civic health is excellent. Our 2014 Civic Health Index report compares greater Seattle’s civic health with that of the nation and other cities across America. It shows what makes King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties so vital and offers recommendations to boost your engagement and the civic health of our region.

IMAGINE: Along with natural wonder, innovative business and vibrant culture, greater Seattle is known for its excellent civic vitality. Businesses and universities promote it to attract talented workers, faculty and students. Nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and foundations capitalize on it to increase social investment. Government uses it to inspire citizen engagement and citizens build it to ensure leader accountability.

This is already happening in our region, but we can achieve much more by turning up the volume. By understanding the nature and power of civic agency, by celebrating and amplifying it, we can create a self-fulfilling prophecy to grow greater Seattle’s prosperity.

Civic Health Index | PDF (7MB)

Civic Health Index: Executive Summary

How Greater Seattle ranks among 51 comparable metropolitan areas

1st - Citizens involved in a community, school, or neighborhood association

2nd - Buying or boycotting a product based on moral values

3rd - Volunteering

4th - Working with neighbors to solve problems

6th - Always voting in local elections

Civic Threats (Seattle Freeze):

37th - Giving or receiving favors with neighbors frequently

48th - Talking with neighbors frequently

If your company or organization would like a Civic Health Index presentation, please contact CityClub at or 206.682.7395.