Seattle CityClub is making civics cool again. We want to hear about all the unique and interesting youth civic education programs being taught in after-school programs, through non-profits, advocacy programs from across our state. We want to award these programs, their leaders and teachers for their creativity, and ability to involve students in civic engagement by providing knowledge, skills, values and hands-on experience.

Youth Civic Ed Awards 2013

To most adults the word ‘civics’ conjures up boring high school classes where you learned about the U.S. Government and heard about how people a long time ago fought for their rights to vote. If you went to school in the 1960’s on average you attended three of these classes. Today only one civics/government class is required in high school in all 50 states. CityClub's Youth Civic Education Initiative was created to increase the visibility of civic education for youth, to reward excellence in existing civic education programs serving middle and high school-aged students and building a statewide network of practitioners and resources.

Colleen Willoughby Youth Civic Education Awards

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